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With over three decades of experience in real estate development we have refined our skills and expertise through our numerous projects and interactions with a multitude of vendors, contractors, landowners and municipalities. Here is a list of our core strengths.


Leyton Properties is adept at winding the way through the maze of municipal approvals to fully entitle a property to the point of construction. This process is non-linear even though it appears to be on paper. Our understanding of the technical, political and social aspects of a development project within the required guidelines promotes a successful outcome.  

Site design

As builders we are uniquely qualified to integrate a site plan for the end user, taking into account the consumers’ wants and needs. These include ideally designed floor plans, amenities, parking, traffic flow, outdoor space, all with the goal of creating an optimal lifestyle. We maximize economic returns and provide high-quality design to align ourselves with the marketplace. What starts as a piece of barren land only becomes a desirable community if the site plan effectively and efficiently provides both function and design. 


We select an architect that clearly understands our objectives, the market and our vision. This discipline is an essential component of any successful development project. Once we’ve designated the most talented and experienced architect for the project, we work together to establish an optimal environment for them to design to their best potential. Our design team respects their skills and knows that their talents combined with our vision is a recipe for excellence.


Over the past three decades, we have financed numerous real estate transactions serving as banker, investment banker, and sitting in the driver’s seat as the developer. Our extensive network of contacts allows us to produce optionality and to create and complete complex transactions. We’ve experienced economic cycles that have given us perspective and the ability to navigate through tumultuous times.



Building for nearly three decades, and constructing over 1,000 homes, our experience has brought a discipline to understanding the components and processes, allowing us to construct timely and on budget. Our team of professionals utilize current technology to manage simultaneous multi-project activity. We are experienced in identifying, selecting, hiring, managing and maintaining relationships with subcontractors and contractors. We have expertise in budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, estimating and customer service. 

team creation

Team creation is our best skill set. All projects require coordination among a myriad of professionals including our legal team, marketing team, designers, contractors, architects, interior designers, structural, MEP and civil engineers, landscaping architects, bankers, brokers, municipal employees, and the community. We navigate through the daily challenges with an open mindset; continually striving to improve our results through outreach to numerous consultants and embracing new technology whenever possible.

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