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Luxurious Makeover Comes to Upper West Side Residential Selection

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

October 19, 2021

Jeffrey Steele, Contributor, Real Estate

Manhattan’s Upper West Side has long been associated with a number of character-laden pre-war co-op properties coveted by household name celebrities. Think John Lennon’s last home, The Dakota. Another example might be the San Remo, favored residential setting for Steven Spielberg, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. These buildings may be sought by the rich and famous, but they just as certainly suffer from a dearth of the creature comforts associated with this era’s ultra-modern luxury condominiums.

Filling that void comes a rising crop of ground-up, brand new condominium buildings across the Upper West Side, each offering an element of modern luxury lacking in the celebrated historic buildings. It might be sustainable design, private outdoor space, in-unit elevator entry or an innovative amenity selection. These newcomers, including 200 Amsterdam, ERA, 212 West 93rd Street, 212 West 72nd Street, Charlotte of the Upper West Side and Waterline Square, are reshaping the storied enclave’s skyline.

For evidence of their popularity, one need look no further than the fact the Upper West Side – particularly ZIP Code 10069 — saw the sharpest growth rates during the pandemic. The median sale price in that ZIP code witnessed a 42 percent surge, largely fueled by the modern luxury condominium Waterline Square.

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